Adam Robertson

Nick Name: Robbo

When you started surfing
I started surfing at the age of 4 or 5. My dad was a really good surfer and I was basically born into the beach and surfing all day long.

Favourite surfers

Tom Curren, Occy, Kelly Slater, Frankie Oberholzer

Best results

2nd Rip Curl WCT, 1st 6 star Prime event at Scotland, 3rd Newauay 4 star WQS event, 17th Rip Curl Pro, and a few 5th at 6 star prime events (Brazil, Scotland, Santa Cruz)

Favourite manoeuvres

Carves, Layback snaps, tube riding.

Best surf trip

G-Land 2012, Pumping Speedies for days! I’ve also had some good trips to the Mentawaiis and South Africa

Worst habit

I’m pretty annoying at the best of times

Fin of choice

AR Signature fin template and the HC-AM2

Board you ride.

I ride mostly Simon Anderson Surfboards, I love channel bottoms for the reefs around Torquay and Quads if it’s barrelling or really big surf.