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The story behind SEA

Surf Eclipse is a family run business, Australian owned business, based on the Tweed / Byron, Australia.

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I have tested these products myself in G'land, Fiji, Hawaii and all around Australia. I try to provide great priced surf accessories and excellent quality.

The demand for surfboard fins and accessories has never been higher than now and offering an extensive range of fins helps us to get you back in the water quicker with quality products.

We recognize that everyone has limited time to research and shop, so we've placed it all under the one roof. SURFECLIPSE allows you to research all the products, decide what's best for you, purchase using a secure network, and trust that your package will be delivered to your destination. Easy!

As surfers for the past 30 years, we are passionate about offering products to enhance your surfing experience. To all of you, from all of us at SURFECLIPSE - Thank you and Happy shopping!


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  • Friday is here. Need a fix of caffeine ASAP.  Not long till the weekend. #surf #surfing #weekend #relax
  • Julian Wilson going fricken loopy. #surfing #surf #bali
  • Lining up the section. Zac Skyring aka @fishscales_ has been spending bucket loads of time in the water lately with the swell we have been having. Drawing lines on his HC-AM2 carbon base and tip designed for a medium sized surfer in all conditions. #surfing #sea #surf #byron
  • A Glasser and sanders nightmare. These channel bottoms that @philmyersfreeflight makes are totally unique. Colab producing his fin that is soon to be available in his boards @houseofbonzer in the UK. #sea #surf #surfing #colsmithchannelbottom
  • Arvo low tide glass off in the land of the god's. #surf #swell #sea #surfing
  • Friday wandering. Deserted beach and it feels like summer. Have a great weekend. #surfing #sea #swell #surf
  • Yep it's on. It's going to be a really non productive day watching this and with the amount of large creatures in the water I opt to have a lay day in front of the computer. #surf #swell #sea #surfing
  • Now lets get some work done.  Monday madness.
  • C-Tek5 quad has dropped into the warehouse. Carbon/ bamboo construction for subtle tip flex. Available in both bases. Check them out at your local surf shop or online at www.surfeclipse.com.au we are a Australian owned company that has is passionate about surfing and producing quality products. #surfing #sea #swell #surf
  • Road tripping south. Certainly reminds me why we live in the best country. #surf #swell #surfing #sea
  • This is now getting a bit scary 😬😬. In the last week there has been so many sittings of large great white sharks on the north coast between Byron and Ballina. I know the ocean is a sharks domain but how many lives will be lost soon? Today at Evans Head another attack and yesterday a large great white was spotted only 15 metres from surfers at Broken head. Stay safe and surf in numbers I say. #evanshead #surf #surfing
  • Flash back Friday. Where has the last 20 years gone??? Saw this pic today and brought back so many good memories of growing up in Byron.  Some of the best surfing was never documented as we did not live in the full digital age. We surfed for the love of it. #Byron #sea #swell #coastalwatch #waves
  • Local surfer @fishscales_ has been logging a heap of time in the water lately. Zac is riding the HC-AM2 suited for a medium sized surfer.  Available at your local surf shop or online at www.surfeclipse.com.au #surf #Byron #swell #coastalwatch #sea
  • So so lucky mick fanning. This was a instance when someone higher above was watching out for you #waves #surf #shark
  • It's a dogs life.
  • It's that time of the year again. Indonesia is pumping. Local Cabarita grom Israel has been logging time in the tube using his @mhsurfboards and the JJ5 fins suited for a medium sized surfer. Check them out at your local surfshop or online at www.surfeclipse.com.au #sea #surf #waves #bali #Uluwatu
  • Good to see Friday gone and the weekend here. Seize the weekend of waves and sunshine. #waves #surf #sea
  • Jbay is on and will the wildcards dominate?? Can Dane cause chaos? Find out soon. #wsl #jbay
  • Afternoon delight. Another great sunset. Monday approaches 😩😩. #waves #surfing #surf #sea
  • Waves have been on tap lately. Speed blur @fishscales_ on the HC-AM2 fins.  Zac and his old man live and breath the ocean. First in the water each day and damn good fisherman as well. #Byron #surf #surfing #sea #surfeclipseaccessories