The story behind SEA

Surf Eclipse is a family run business, Australian owned business, based on the Tweed / Byron, Australia.

This business was developed by a surfer, who has worked making boards for over 20 years.

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I have tested these products myself in G'land, Fiji, Hawaii and all around Australia. I try to provide great priced surf accessories and excellent quality.

The demand for surfboard fins and accessories has never been higher than now and offering an extensive range of fins helps us to get you back in the water quicker with quality products.

We recognize that everyone has limited time to research and shop, so we've placed it all under the one roof. SURFECLIPSE allows you to research all the products, decide what's best for you, purchase using a secure network, and trust that your package will be delivered to your destination. Easy!

As surfers for the past 30 years, we are passionate about offering products to enhance your surfing experience. To all of you, from all of us at SURFECLIPSE - Thank you and Happy shopping!

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  • It's a beautiful day in the Bay. Have a great Australia Day #byron #swell #sea #surfing
  • Codie Klein using SEA fins and grip pic Blake Omerod. #sea #swell #surfing #blackandwhite
  • Late arvo. Weird sunset colours. #sea #swell #fins
  • Fun peaks are around. #sea #surfing #surfeclipseaccessories #byron
  • Great shot of the 7 inch single fin. Pic by @jezriddell . Great fin for any single fin board. Check them out at your local surf shop. #sea #surfing #surfeclipseaccessories #surfing
  • You have to enjoy coming home to see new boards that were not even ordered. 6'2 eps super light for summer waves. #sea #surfing #swell
  • One of the best hibiscus flowers I have ever seen. In the hinterland of Byron. Reminds me of the tropics of Hawaii and Bali.
  • Great shot of @fishscales_ flying on the JJ5. Check them out at your local surf shop or online at #sea #swell #surfing #coastalwatch
  • 7 inch fin for Byrning Spears.  AB was a amazing shaper/ surfer that tragically passed away in Bali.  #sea #swell #surfing
  • This is a combination of 6 different species of corals with 18 circuits that a friend makes. Super talented guy.  Check out shellmac distributors on Facebook if you want some amazing work.
  • Waterfront accommodation at Falls Festival Byron. #byron #greattosleepathome
  • Have you seen my car at The Falls festival Byron. #falls #byron #itsveryhot!!!
  • Paddocks full of water from the rain recently. Amazing reflections. #byron #sea #hinterland
  • Just saw this pic. A blast from the past. All the young crew would not remember Todd Chesser but he was a fucking legend. When the waves got serious he was just plain crazy. Saw him out at 12ft Sunset taking super late drops with no legrope and never falling. To this day some of the most committed surfing I ever saw. Unfortunately he died in huge surf in Hawaii way to young. #toddchesser #swell #surfing
  • SEA HC7 just dropped in store. Suited to a larger surfer 80kg plus. Available in your local surf shop or online at #surfing #sea #swell #surfeclipseaccessories
  • The Margo Tri model works with Futures boxes. Suited to a large surfer 80kg plus. Check them out at your local surf shop or online at #sea #surfing #swell #byron
  • Knubsters now in stock. Perfect for the quad set up. #sea #surfing #waves #swell check them out at your local surf shop or online at
  • A great picture of the hinterland from the pass in Byron. The two smaller mountains at the front are Mt Chincogan and the larger one at the rear is Mount Warning. Mt Warning is the first place that sees the sun on the East coast of Australia. #byron #swell #surfing #surfeclipseaccessories
  • Home is where the heart is. Growing up in Byron was amazing. A wave rich area and so diverse.  #waves #surfing #SEA
  • The big man is loading up the sleigh. Have you got those presents??? Last day for express post to make it in time for Xmas. Check out for all your surfing needs or at your local surf shop. #SEA #swell #surfing #santa #byron